How do you submit collection to a tutor in workflow?

  1. Just share the collection with the tutor. The tutor will get a notification and a link to the collection. (To share a collection go to My Pages -> Share and make sure that the collection is ticked at the top of the page, and nothing else. Then add your share rules – search for the tutor by name, bottom left of page, then click ‘Add’ next to their name – and click Save at the bottom of the page.  This will set the share settings for all the pages in the collection simultaneously.)
  2. If the tutor has set up a course group, you will see a link to submit your page or collection to the group. Open the collection by going to My Pages and clicking on the name of the first page in thecollection. The collection will open in display mode. At the bottom of the page look for a link saying ‘Submit page to ‘ and a drop down box with course groups you are a member of.

If you submit it this way, the collection will be locked so that you can’t edit it any more, until the tutor has signed it off.

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