I’m a bit concerned about my online web profile and the amount of publicly available information about me.

There are a few steps you can take to make Workflow more private.

First you can check that your profile page is only available to logged-in users of workflow. This is the default setting – your profile page is viewable only to logged-in users by default. To check on this, edit your profile page, and in the Share Page tab,┬ácheck to see if there are any other access rules listed other than ‘logged-in users’. If so remove them and save.

All of your other pages are private by default, and won’t be accessible to anyone else unless you add share rules to them.

To see an overview of your share rules, go to My Pages -> Share.

There is some information about sharing workflow pages here: http://workflow.arts.ac.uk/group/support/how-to-share-pages-and-collections and more specific information about sharing workflow profile pages here: http://workflow.arts.ac.uk/group/support/how-to-make-your-profile-page-public

If you need to share your workflow profile page with others as part of your work, you will find that all UAL staff and students will have access to it if they log in to workflow. That’s because profile pages are always accessible to logged-in users.
Therefore, if you would like to have private content, you should move that content away from your profile page onto other workflow pages, and just share the new pages with the tutor or student you would like to give access to.

Your private pages might still be listed on your profile page, but if anyone clicks on the link they will be denied access (unless you’ve shared it with them).

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